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Tours on our website can serve you as an inspiration for your journey, and for all of your desires and questions we are always here to tailor the itinerary according to your wishes and listen to your ideas.
Leave all your worries to us and enjoy your perfect and unique vacation in Croatia. We guarantee that you will feel safe and welcome, just like you are at home!

Taste Croatia

When talking about Croatian food, ​“​tradition“ is the first word ​that often comes to min​d. Wherever you decide to go – N​orth, ​S​outh, ​E​ast or ​W​est​, there will be ​unique delicacies, prepared with love, from welcoming hosts.

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Croatia 490

What is Croatia 490, you are wondering? It is the distance in kilometers between the  northernmost ​point ​ and southernmost point on the mainland of Croatia.

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UNESCO Heritage

Thanks to the central position in Europe, Croatia found itself at the crossroads of many different cultures. Although very small, Croatia is proud to have a very big and rich cultural heritage, almost every step of the way, and its natural beauties will leave you breathless.

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