Unique travel experience

About us

We got the idea of starting our own tourist agency, so we can show the world Croatian heritage and the natural beauties that Croats have the privilege to enjoy every day.  Our purpose is to listen to your wishes and turn them into reality by creating tours and programs customized to your needs. Our help and professional advice will be available and at your disposal during the whole journey. Our one-of-kind tours offer you breathtaking views of one of Europe’s most up and coming tourist destinations.
Our travel agency offers an insider’s guide, that takes you beyond the main attractions saturating your Instagram. Instead, you’ll get access to the hidden gems of Croatian heritage ranging from authentic Croatian restaurants to participating in workshop of „licitar“ hearts, and making traditional Croatian souvenir found on the UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage, or visiting Bribirska glavica – an archaeological site often called „Croatian Troy“. Experiences only a local could show you! Because we are young, we have a completely different and original approach to Croatian tourism.
So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready for Croatia to sweep you off your feet? Do you want to feel at home, while you travel like a local? Fill in the request form and contact us for an amazing experience!

Who are we?

We are two young, proud Croats, who are avid travellers, in love with our beautiful country. We’re best friends, borderline sisters and the best travel buddies. We travel and organize our journeys, not only abroad but also in Croatia. We have decided to synthesize our love for traveling, with the virtue of the beautiful country that we call our home into a business model that will help us share this opportunity with others. We want to show the world Croatia through our own eyes, aka the eyes of a local.
Together, we make a great team because we complement each others knowledge, experience, and abilities. Mateja is a tourism manager from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija. Travelling abroad, Mateja realized that Croatia is more beautiful than a lot of places she was visiting, and had a lot more to offer. An idea, and a wish, for bringing tourism to Croatia was born.

Mia has a masters degree in journalism in Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. She has always dreamt that a job in journalism will provide a lot of travelling and that she will merge business with pleasure. For over three years, she has worked at a Croatian radio as a radio host / journalist promoting Croatian tourism and cousine. Together, we know what the guidebooks do not!