Team Building

For you and your employees, we organize different team buildings according to your wishes. You have the idea to socialize the entire working collective, but don’t know how to realize it? Give us your confidence and we will organize an unforgettable one-day or multi-day trip for the entire company. If you have no idea at all, we will help you design a great team building that will fulfill the criteria of all your employees. Through fun, sports, culinary, creative, adrenaline, and other activities, motivate your employees outside the work environment to build a good and motivated work team and strengthen their team spirit. Team bulding activities are tailored according to the number of employees, their age, fitness, etc. but we primarily listen to you and your wishes!

Who are we?

Two young, proud to be Croats and passionate travellers, in love with our beautiful country. We’re best friends, like sisters since we were babies. Since we know ourselves, we travel and organize our journeys, not only abroad but also in Croatia. We have decided to bring together our love and passion for travelling and our country into a business we will gladly be doing, a job that we will live for. We want to show everybody Croatia through our own eyes, through the eyes of a local.

Together we make a great team because we are complementing ourselves with our knowledge, experience and competences. Mateja has finished for manager in tourism on the Faculty of tourism and hospitality management in Opatija. Travelling abroad, Mateja has realized that Croatia is more beautiful than a lot of places we are visiting, and has a lot more to offer. An idea and a wish for bringing tourist in Croatia was born. Mia has a masters degree in journalism on Faculty of political science in Zagreb. She has always dreamt that a job in journalism will provide a lot of travelling and that she will merge business with pleasure. For over 3 years, she has worked on Croatian radio as a radio host and a journalist in a few radio shows that are promoting croatian tourism and gastronomy. Together we know what the guidebooks don’t!


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