Costumed tour: Medieval Zagreb – The story of Bela IV.

Experience the history of the city of Zagreb from the first hand! With the help of the association Order of Guardians of the Zagreb city, we are reviving history and returning you to the 13th century, at the time of king Bela IV., who issued the Golden Bull to Gradec in 1242 and made it a free, royal town. Get acquainted with Bela IV himself, who will show you  the old Upper Town, Gradec and Kaptol, and tell you a story how, he barely saved his head running from violent Tatars, together with his brother Koloman Arpadovic.

You will witness a “real” fight of the Hospitallers, who defended the walls of Gradec, against the infamous Tatars who mercilessly killed all in front of them. The residents of Gradec found their rescue on the hills of Medvednica mountain. Though it was surrounded with the walls, the Tatars managed to sweep both Zagreb settlements and to crash to the newly built Romanesque cathedral at Kaptol to the foundations.

With king Bela IVth and his guards, visit the viewpoint overlooking Zagreb’s cathedral, St. Mark’s square and church, two city towers: Lotrščak tower and Popov tower, the remains of the old walls, Park of Bela IV., the Stone Gate – the only gate that has remained to this day, as part of the Gradec defense system, and many other locations, each of which has an interesting historical story that will be told by the licensed guide, with the help of actors. For about 2 hours, go back the Middle Ages, join our unique, costumed tour and find out about one of the most famous historical stories about Zagreb!


  • Get to know the history of Zagreb
  • Walking through the Upper Town with Bela IV.
  • Learn through fun
  • An interactive outdoor “play”
  • Witness the “fight” of Hospitallers and Tatars
  • The tour is adjusted for all ages

Duration: 2 h

Price: on request, depending on the number of entries

Costumed tour: Medieval Zagreb – The story of Bela IV.

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