Croatia 490

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What is Croatia 490, you are wondering? It is the distance in kilometers between the  northernmost ​point ​ and southernmost point on the mainland of Croatia. On this  ​incredible  tour​,   ​you will see all the beauty and diversity of Croatian scenery , from Slavonian ​plains, across the hills in Zagorje,​ to the ​Adriatic Sea, ​and down​ the ​coastal​ islands. ​In addition to ​ the famous Adriatic Sea​, Croatia​  boasts a​ beautiful mainland ​that is far less explored​. Therefore, one of our missions is​ to introduce you to the continental ​Croatia. ​You’ll be thrilled by the ​ natural  beauty, cultural goods, local ​cuisine ​ and hospitality.​ You’ll feel right at home as you embark on a  one-of-a-kind Croatian adventure.


  • Longest No Filter Croatia tour
  • Visit all Croatia’s regions, from mainland to the seaside
  • Travel and feel like a local
  • Taste all the variety of Croatian cuisine
  • Visit all Croatia’s must see’s and much more

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Welcome to the longest No Filter Croatia tour! If you really want to get to know beautiful Croatia and all of its regions, go all the way from the east to the north, west and south – this is the right trip for you. Of course, if you have your own ideas and desires of what would you like to visit, where you would like to eat, we are here to adjust every tour to your preference for an ideal Croatian holiday. The journey begins in Slavonia, a region that is said to be full of myths and legends being handed down from one generation to another. You will stay in Osijek, the largest Slavonian city and then visit Vučedol, one of the most famous archeological sites in Croatia where Vučedol dove was found. From there you will go on Danube river cruise to Vukovar, a Croatian hero city, completely destroyed in the Croatian War of Independance (Homeland War). You will get to know all about Croatia’s war history by visiting Vukovar hospital, cemetery, Vukovar water tower, a symbol of suffering and the resistance of the city… The journey follows to Ilok, the easternmost town in Croatia, most famous for wine cellars where you will go wine tasting. The next day, before we’re headded to the Croatian Zagorje we’ll visit the center of Đakovo and Lipizzaner horses on State Stud Farm, one of the oldest in Europe. Next day is reserved for the picturesque town of Varaždin, and on our way to Trakošćan Castle, we’ll visit a family workshop of „licitar“ hearts, a traditional Croatian souvenir found on the UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage, and you will get your own personalized souvenir. The next day we will visit Krapina Neanderthal Museum and the Veliki Tabor castle, one of the most preserved medieval towns in Croatia. The road continues to the main and largest city – Zagreb where we spend two nights, and then we go to Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. In two days of Istria we will visit Motovun, the best preserved medieval Istrian fort on the top of the steep hill, Rovinj, Poreč and ancient Pula famous for its amphitheatre which has among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world. After the ferry will take you to the islands Cres and Lošinj. We’ll have lunch break on a well – known lamb in Loznati, then go to the Visitor and rescue centre for Griffon Vultures which are a protected species and only 100 families remain in Croatia. The following day we are on Lošinj Island, the island of vitality, famous for its beautiful beaches and blue lagoons, but we can also arrange an excursion to the nearby islands of the Lošinj archipelago, untill the ferry and night drive to Zadar. From Zadar we’ll organize a boat trip or rafting on the canyon of the river Zrmanja, one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia, which attracts true nature lovers with its beauty and leaves you breathless. On our way to Šibenik, we will stop at Bribirska glavica, an archaeological site that even many Croats do not know exist, and archeologists call it the “Croatian Troy.” From Šibenik you will go on a boat trip to the Krka National Park – another paradise for nature lovers. The park includes seven waterfalls, the flooded river estuary, Visovačko lake and the island of Visovac, where the Franciscan monastery is located … The road leads us further south, we visit Split, organize a trip to Hvar and Pakleni islands, visit Ston and Ston walls, trying oysters. This great adventure ends in Dubrovnik, a city that almost every tourist wants to visit, famous for being the Kings landing in Game of Thrones series! When flying home you will think about all the beauties you have seen, but you will know there is more to it. Hopefully we’ll see you again in Croatia!


Croatia 490

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