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If you’d like to visit as many European countries and cities as you can while on your vacation, we can also help you with crafting an “European” itinerary that, of course, includes Croatia. Although very small, Croatia borders with 5 countries (and shares Adriatic sea with Italy). It is situated on the east side of the Adriatic Sea to the east of Italy and borders Slovenia on the north-west, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the south-east, Serbia in the east and Montenegro the south. It also takes only  2 hours to Austrian border. There are a lot of airports close to Croatia’s capital, and we can arrange an airport pickup, for example, from Venice, Trieste, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Belgrade…



Just tell us your wishes and ideas, and we will make the best itinerary for you. Here are a few suggestions of which cities and countries you can visit alongside Croatia and make a week, 10 days or two week tour:


1.) Venice, Italy – it only takes 4 hours to Zagreb or about 3 hours to Istra – the biggest Croatian peninsula

2.) Budapest, Hungary – only takes 3,5 hours to Hungary’s beautiful capital

3.) Ljubljana, Slovenia – right across the border, Slovenia’s capital is just a bit more than an 1,5 hour ride away. Bled and Bohinj lake are among th most popular tourist places for visit in Slovenia, and it is just a bit more than 2 hour ride from Zagreb and really worth to see it.

4.) Vienna, Austria – beautiful city, famous for its culture and architecture is just 4 hours ride from Zagreb. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is less than an hour ride from Vienna.

5.) Belgrade, Serbia – also just a 4 hour ride away to Serbia’s capital

6.) Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – it takes about 5 hours to Sarajevo from Zagreb, and 4 hours if you are coming from / going to Dubrovnik.


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Croatia + Europe

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