Taste Croatia

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When talking about Croatian food, ​“​tradition“ is the first word ​that often comes to min​d. Wherever you decide to go – N​orth, ​S​outh, ​E​ast or ​W​est​, there will be ​unique delicacies, prepared with love, from welcoming hosts. E​very region c​ontributes its own ​culinary history​, which draws tourists from around the world.​ If you add Croatia’s finest wines, ​and​ your palate will b​e ​in heaven. Wine tradition in Croatia e​xtends back ​ more than 2500 years,​ ​when ancient Greeks started to m​ake ​wine on the islands of Vis, Hvar, and Korčula. Did you know that since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in the 19th century, Croatian wines are often served on the English court? This tour is ideal for food and drink lovers looking to embark on a unique Croatian culinary journey.


  • Honor your palate with the unforgettable gurmet experience
  • Taste Croatia’s finest wines
  • Cooking class with welcoming hosts on Vis island
  • Visit mainland and the beautiful coast
  • Visit all Croatia’s must see’s

Price: on demand

Trip specification

This tour combines​ ​ Croatia’s finest flavors ​from local ​vineyards, wineries, olive groves, cheese tasting and so much more. If there is any specific restaurant, winery or ​a ​place that you would like to visit, please let us know and we are happy to craft this tour according to your preferences. Your gourmet journey begins in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.​ F​rom ​there, ​we will take you north to Croatian Zagorje. After visiting Old Village museum in Kumrovec, Veliki Tabor castle, a noble town, and one of the most significant cultural and historical monuments of continental Croatia, we’ll go t​o a traditional lunch (turkey or duck with mlinci – traditional side dish served with poultry). The journey continues towards Istria, the biggest Croatian peninsula ​known ​ for its amazing food and wines. ​Istria is home of some of the best truffle dishes in Croatia, as well as the world. ​After seeing one of the most significant frescos in the church of Saint Barnaba in Vižinada, there will be​ a wine tasting ​at​ a ​local ​winery. Depending on the season, ​we can organize a truffle hunt in the woods around t​he ​small, historic town o​f M​otovun. After two days of enjoying beautiful Istria, we are headed towards the island of Pag​, ​which is the center of good food. ​First​, we will arrive in Lun, a village surrounded by thousand-year-old olive groves. You will ​sample ​olive oil and other recognizable local products, like sugared almonds, ​and ​a cake from dry figs. Then,​​ we’re headed south towards Zadar, Trogir and Split where you will see t​he ​magnificent, ancient Diocletian’s palace built at the turn of the fourth century. Afterward, you will board a​​ speedboat or a ferry which will take you to the Vis island, where ​an ​unforgettable gourmet experience awaits for you! ​You’ll take a cooking class, and taste some local wine and liqueur! Moving on to the far south of the country. D​ubrovnik, but w​e’ll stop​ in Ston for one more gastro pleasure – ​oysters and wine from Pelješac peninsula. ​We’ll ensure that you leave Croatia full, happy, and having sampled an array of exotic cuisine unique to Croatia.


Taste Croatia

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